Projecting the Image of a Nurse

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Projecting the Image of a Nurse Name School Institution Projecting the Image of a Nurse The image of a nurse has changed significantly over time. Even just decades ago, nurses were typically women. Due to a woman's natural maternal instinct to care for someone else, they were obvious candidates to play the role as caretaker and they still are.


She wears a name badge and leans over her patient, making eye contact with the patient and listening intently while taking vital signs and acting as a liaison between the patient and the doctor. This would be a clear cut scenario. Times have slightly changed, as has the projected role and image of a caregiving nurse. “Although the public's view of nursing has changed over time, most people do not appreciate the complexity and range of today's professional nursing role,” (Chitty & Black, 2011). Nurses are becoming more educated, specializing in certain areas of specific branches of health care and there is a significant increase in the population of males entering this occupational field. One of the most critical roles that a nurse plays is that of patient caretaker. Patient satisfaction often has a lot to do with the role that the nurse has played on taking care of the patient. There must be a nurse-patient dyad bond. While the nurse is in charge of taking all other signs and symptoms, the nurse's biggest role is to help a patient understand their health care plan (Tejero, 2012). To maintain this relationship, a nurse must be personable, friendly and kind. ...
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