Is It Necessary for Nurses to Have High Education?

Is It Necessary for Nurses to Have High Education? Essay example
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Name: Institution: Course: Tutor: Date: Is it necessary for Nurses to have High Education? As the health problems become more complex, health care providers are increasingly being required to equip themselves with relevant knowledge and skills to address these accordingly.


Healthcare is a sensitive field because of its direct impact on the life of an individual. Since nurses deal with the life of individuals, it is essential for them to be equipped with the relevant skills, knowledge and expertise. Indeed, it is necessary for nurses to have higher education. From the point of the level of skills and education, there are four distinct types of nursing. These include licensed practical nursing, registered nursing, bachelor degree nursing and PhD nursing. Also called licensed vocational nurses, licensed practical nurses are supervised by the registered nurses and perform mainly bedside care duties (Perrin 72). Registered nurses on the other hand perform administrative duties, provide direct patient care and carry out the treatments that are prescribed by the physicians (Mander, 41). Bachelor degree nurses hold degrees in nursing and have a chance to pursue higher education at master or doctorate level. Finally, PhD nurses hold a doctorate philosophy in Nursing and have essential knowledge regarding nursing discipline and clinical research. In most cases, these assume the topmost leadership positions in institutions. Nurses that are interested in pursuing higher education have the preceding options to further this good. Attaining higher education in nursing is important for various reasons. ...
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