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Essay example - Information Management for Nurses

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Name Tutor Date Information management for Nurses Introduction Nursing informatics is the utilization of information technologies by nurses in their work place. Nurses use information technology when attending to patients and giving healthcare facilities. Moreover, people use it as a learning research when undertaking nursing as career…

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Health informatics can also be described as the way a health practitioner familiarizes himself or herself with use of technology in response to information, methodologies and data organization process when offering health services. Impact of informatics on nursing Informatics allows nurses to offer more professional and effectual care to their patients. In health institutions, nurses form the largest population of healthcare professionals (Aiken, Sochalski & Lake, 1997). They normally use information when giving health care services. Nursing practice and quality of patient health care have improved as a result of the introduction of informatics. Currently, hospitals and other healthcare organizations are employing informatics nurse specialists and consultants to assist in the planning and execution of information systems (Koch & Kralik, 2006). Nurses playing informatics roles are providing solutions to information technology solutions and medical procedures that will aim at international provision of proper health care to patients (Ballard, 2006). Health service institutions, society, and governments in the civilized nations are determined deliver safe, intellectual, cheap, faultless, and opportune healthcare services. ...
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