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Nursing Management Date Student Name: Student Number: Tutor Name: Tutorial Time: Abstract This report aims to address the following objectives: (1) to outline your proposed change providing a clear rationale for the change; (2) to present a force-field analysis of the forces that are driving and restraining the proposed change; and (3) to suggest a strategy that might be used to help bring about the change Table of Contents Abstract 2 Proposed Change 4 A Force-Field Analysis of the Proposed Change 6 Strategy 7 Appendix 9 Reference List 10 Proposed Change Ward rounds has been a central activity of hospital life for hundreds of years and described as “a parade led by the senior doctor, with j


193). In line with this, the author proposed that representatives from the medical staff should also monitor, evaluate and approve the written records of the ward rounds, in addition to chief nurse or nurse managers. Reasons for changes include: incomplete records of ward rounds and documentation of patient questions when documentations are checked and monitored by chief nurse or nurse manager only; use of a ward round checklist tool improves trainees' performance in communication and documentation during ward rounds (Bradfield, 2010, p. 193); any needed intervention from other members of the multidisciplinary team could immediately be well accounted for and included within the scheduled patient care; closer clinical supervision of junior doctors results in better patient outcomes (Kennedy, et al. 2007, p. ...
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