Reliability, Validity and Trustworthiness in Nursing

Reliability, Validity and Trustworthiness in Nursing Essay example
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Reliability, validity and trustworthiness in nursing [Name] [Date] Introduction Nursing has always been considered as a practical discipline and there was a lack of theoretical developments in the field of nursing. The studies conducted by the nurses borrowed from their practical experience should be based on three main concepts, such as reliability, validity and trustworthiness.


30). In case positive results of the nurses’ researches and studies are reached, then their research strategies are valid and reliable (Zangaro, Soeken 2005, p. 6). Qualitative researches are often positioned as pragmatic researches and there is no doubt that there is a need to follow the rules of these researches. In accordance with Aristotle, there is more practical than theoretical aspects of nursing. One of the greatest ancient philosophers claims: “practical sciences inquire into the principles and causes of things to achieve knowledge in order to make, as in engineering, or in order to do, as in ethics” (Strickland 2006, p. 5). Three main concepts of nursing research Reliability and validity are two integrative elements of trustworthiness of the researches and studies. Trustworthiness of the research depends on the initial research question, data collection, analysis and conclusions reached. The issues of validity and reliability should be taken into account in the process of reading different research projects, either quantitative or qualitative ones. Both in qualitative and quantitative studies, these concepts are of crucial importance. ...
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