Pathophysiology Progressive Condition and End-of-Life Debate

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Pathophysiology of a Progressive Condition & End-of-Life Debate By NAME School Name 25th March 2012 Breast cancer is one of the most common cancers causing almost 7% of all cancer deaths and 2% of all deaths in the United States (Coughlin & Ekwueme, 2009).


There are many cases in which breast cancer and metastasis can affect a number of other systems, including the brain, liver and bone tissues. The purpose of this paper is to explore the pathophysiology of breast cancer and its effects on the breast tissue. The paper will also explore how breast cancer is a progressive condition and can begin to effect systems, including those mentioned above, and should not be viewed as solely a female mammary tissue problem. It is important to consider these metastases because they can dictate what is necessary for treatment procedures, and render surgery and radiotherapy unnecessary (Gavrilovic & Posner, 2005). This paper will also examine the pros and cons of end-of-life care for these patients and the reasoning behind the decision of not resuscitating in breast cancer cases. These will all be examined with the purpose of showing the difficulties that clinical staffs face in dealing with breast cancer patients, their metastases and their end-of-life care decisions. Client Scenario A 37-year old woman has had recurring metastatic breast cancer for the last nine years. The first diagnosis was node-positive in the right hand side of her body, which was treated by mastectomy. Following this, cancer was still present in the body and radiation treatment was given to the client. ...
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