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Student’s Name Teacher’s Name Course Code Date Introduction There have been many different approaches applied before to ensure quality health care service in nursing homes. Two of the most used tools were the reimbursement system and the surveillance and enforcement system.


However, for numerous reasons these systems did not prove to be effective enough in improving health care standards and simply too many residents suffered every day. Providers often complained that they were more or less underpaid to do a better job. Under these circumstances, agencies came up with ‘Pay for Performance’ program to ensure better health care facilities by rewarding nurses and physicians according to their performances and improving the overall standard of care they’ve been providing (Mallot, 2008, p.2). Meaning of Pay for Performance, Compensation, benefits and entitlement Pay for Performance (P4P), is a growing program that encourages health care providers to provide better health care facilities by rewarding them on the basis of their performances. The program focuses on three key features namely: participation, achievement and rewards. Participation implies that all the employees of an organization participate and contribute beyond the standard levels. Achievement stresses on reducing costs and at the same time increasing profits. It also focuses on productivity by emphasizing on group rather than individual performances. Whereas rewards are usually in the shape of cash prizes given at regular intervals based on outstanding performances (American Nurse Association, 2006). ...
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