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Drug Abusers Name Institution Introduction Drug abusers are maladaptive patterned users of drugs who consume drugs in a way not prescribed by a physician or medical professional. Drug abuse has link to mood altering as well as psychological deterrent. This population will take drugs for various reasons that sharply differ from one person to another.


The numbers of persons who take drugs in the world have tremendously increased according to the prediction made by the SAMHSA's National Survey (Leavitt, 2003). The number of young drug abusers is more prevalent as compared to the adults. The research made by the SAMHSA testifies that 22.5 million Americans aged between 17 years and above abuse drugs. However, the number of people aged between twelve and seventeen who abuse drugs were 38 million in the same country. The statistics showed that alcohol, tobacco and marijuana were the most commonly abused drugs in the United States. The country’s statistics have shown that 67 per cent of the high school students take alcohol and 40 percent take marijuana. Background and effects of drug abuse Drugs and drug use have an immemorial feature in humankind and can be located back in the historical times. Drug abuse can be due to peer pressure, childhood lifestyle, and due to parental influence. Illegal drug taking and trafficking are illegal in all the world countries. However, the trade is booming in most of the world. This makes the drug available to the potential user facilitating its abuse. The earliest drug identified was the opium identified in Asia Minor in 5000 B.C. Alcohol is another drug with long history. ...
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