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Drug Abusers

According to the study findings drug abuse is a major cause of problems in public health. It has either direct or indirect effect on the health of an individual. Drug abuse and addiction have an impact on the society’s well being. Drug abuse leads to cancer, heart diseases, HIV and AIDS prevalence, and death in severe cases. All these have a direct effect on the health of the victim and the public health in general. The government directs most of its funds to the drug addicts and the victims that could otherwise have been used in other programs of that benefit the entire society.
This essay stresses that drugged driving has been the cause of the thousands of accidents that occur on the roads and result in deaths of millions of people per year. Drug abusers become violent, hence, engage in crime acts like homicide, theft, and assaults. This can amount to their arrests or conviction over crime levels. Drug using exposes an individual to continued stress. Drug abusers can harm or misuse children leading to advanced maltreatment effects over them. Addiction has adverse effects on the health of the public and the society as well. For example, women addicts give birth to underweight babies and increase its chances to have hyperactivity disorder and child obesity. Child abuse is common on instances where the perpetrators are drug addicts. Incidences of homelessness, crime, education deterioration are common in incidences where drug abuse is common. Drug users are more likely to fail attend and work an event that translates to their sacking or demotion. ...
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This essay Drug Abusers presents drug abusers which are maladaptive patterned users of drugs who consume drugs in a way not prescribed by a physician or medical professional. Drug abuse has link to mood altering as well as psychological deterrent…
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