Working with Severe and Enduring Mental Health Problems

Working with Severe and Enduring Mental Health Problems Essay example
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Jack is an alcohol addict. He is an African American aged 34. Jack started drinking at the age of 12. Both his parents were heavy drinkers. They would always have some beer, wine or keg in the house.


He grew up seeing his parents drink and often they would allow him have a taste of the drink at the tender age of 10. Jacob grew up in the city, in a poor neighborhood. His friends in school were mostly people who took alcohol or smoked cigarettes. As a result of interacting mainly with drunkards and smokers, he became very addicted to alcohol. Another factor that contributed to his addiction was that he felt that he was being discriminated against in school and in the neighborhood like his fellow African Americans. He could not perform well in class due to several social problems including poverty and racial discrimination prompting him to seek something that he could take to get relaxed, less nervous, to cheer up, and as a pass time activity. Jack admits to taking, on average, 500mls of spirit every day. Due to his drinking habit, he dropped out of college. He opted to get money to drink by doing odd jobs. Whenever he gets a job, usually casual, he starts well and shows a lot of dedication. However, every time he is paid, he loses focus taking time to drink and absenting himself from work. In the end, he has nothing to survive on leading to his stress and depression. Jack’s story is quite similar to that of many other alcohol addicts struggling with their addiction. He has relapsed countless times in his attempt to overcome addiction. In his current state, Jack is suffering from depression. ...
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