Demonstrate Enhanced Self Awerness, Interpersonal and Self-Managment Skills When Establishing and Maintaining Professional and T

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Enhanced Self-Awareness, Interpersonal and Self-Management Skills when Establishing and Maintaining Professional and Therapeutic Relationships Total Number of Words: 975 Introduction The main purpose of developing a strong nurse-patient relationship is to establish an intimate relationship between the nurse and the patients (Koviak, 2010).


Prior to conclusion, the student will reflect on his/her personal skills and highlight one action point for each that will benefit you in maintaining professional and therapeutic relationship. Literature Review The process of establishing a strong nurse-patient relationship could result from a constant or regular interplay or covert negotiation between the nurse and the patients until both parties are able to reach a mutual and satisfying relationship (Morse, 1991). Depending on the time spent between the nurses and the patients, nurses are expected to build trust and meet the individual needs of each patient. According to Morse (1991), nurses who are not willing or failed to commit themselves to the patients would end up forming a unilateral relationship rather than a nurse-patient relationship. ...
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