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Bipolar Affective Disorder - Essay Example

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Bipolar Affective Disorder

The condition could be observed in teen age, adolescence or early adulthood. In many cases the symptom onsets before the age of 25 years (Kessler et al, 2005), but it remains undiagnosed till the problem takes the form of disorder. Management of the condition is crucial and is a long-term process where co-operation of the associated individuals play a significant role. Symptoms of Bipolar Disorder Individuals suffering from bipolar disorder display severe emotional condition which is termed as "mood episodes", encompassing either too thrilled or overjoyed which is called the maniac episode; or the individuals remain in the phase of discouraging thoughts or gloom this phase is termed as the depressive episode. Individuals also witness a mixed stage where phase of mania as well as depression co-exist. Individuals with bipolar disorder may become bad-tempered or dangerous during their mood episode. These symptoms directly influence daily activities such as the energy levels, behaviour of the person, trouble in proper sleep, restlessness. With time the condition becomes severe and the person have longer duration of unbalanced frame of mind as compared to the distinct phases of depression or mania (Web. Bipolar Disorder). Individuals displaying terrible phases of mood swing and almost every day or remain in such altered mindset for two to three weeks is likely to suffer with bipolar disorder. The symptoms can be categorized as- A. Manic episode or mania encompasses- a. mood swing- this is the extreme phase where the individual is either over joyful, in very high spirit or display very extrovert nature. On the other hand, this phase also displays other aspect where the individual remain ill-tempered, disconcerted, jumpy feeling may also be seen (Web. Bipolar Disorder). b. behaviour alterations- the individual gets diverted without difficulty, can jump from one thought to another or many thoughts could be presented simultaneously. The individual starts taking at a faster pace, restlessness is also displayed during this phase and the individual may not sleep appropriately. During this phase some sort of hyperactivity is also observed where the individual may show over enthusiasm in taking new assignments and jobs due to impractical conviction in one's skills. This phase also display unusual behaviour such as participating in high-risk task, may show extravagance temperament, getting diverted towards pleasurable things and perform impetuous investments (Web. Bipolar Disorder). B. Depressive episode of depression encompasses a. mood swing- during this phase the individual has the feeling of being empty and remains depressed. The individual do not show any interest in activities which were once providing pleasure (Web. Bipolar Disorder). b. behaviour alterations- the normal pace of work becomes slow, the individual is not able to concentrate on things and a habit of forgetfulness could be observed. Individuals during this phase may face difficulty in remembering and recollecting from the memory and therefore finds intricacy in taking any decision rather they remain restless and irritable. Changes could also be observed in eating as well as sleeping habits. Suicidal thoughts often ponder in mind and in severe condition a person may attempt to commit suicide (Web. Bipolar Disorder). Bipolar disorder constitute two phases or poles, BPI, or classic manic-depression. BPII is considered to be placid disorder with alternating phases ...Show more


Bipolar Affective Disorder Introduction Bipolar disorder is commonly known as maniac-depressive disorder, it is a neurological condition that is responsible for alteration in mood, daily tasks, level of energy as well as involvement in any activity. The condition is dissimilar to the routine mood swings…
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Bipolar Affective Disorder essay example
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