Organizational Structure and Culture

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Organizational Structure and Culture Name of the Student Nursing Name of the Concerned Professor 4 June 2012 Organizational Structure and Culture There is no denying the fact that the culture of any organization is to a great extent dependant on its structure.


In the context of the topic under consideration, the chosen health care organization is the Good Samaritan Hospital. The organizational structure at the Good Samaritan Hospital is flat. In the organization there is no provision of intervening management between the managers and the staff. The central idea governing the organization is that the experienced and well trained staff members are better equipped to take on the spot decisions if they are extended a greater autonomy and are involved in the overall decision making (Cunneen, 2008). In this organization the staff is seldom supervised by any intervening layers of management. Though this hospital is a large organization, it is possible to accommodate a flat organizational structure owing to the existence of varied independent units. The decision making process here is decentralized and encourages ample involvement of the employees. The flat structure of this hospital is the key to its supporting environment that fosters a client centered care. Greater autonomy extended to the employees necessitates ample emphasis on learning and training (Cunneen, 2008). The employees here feel that they are amply empowered to innovate and resort to out of the box thinking that directly bolsters the quality of patient care (Cunneen, 20080. ...
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