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Family History: The mother to the client is found to have had the same lugs problems. She is found to have experienced difficulties in breathing accompanied with some pains in her chest. Nobody else in the family has had such problems in the past.
Lifestyle and Health Practices: Three of the family members including the client have been addicts of cigarette. The father to the client has smoked cigarette for a period of twelve years while the mother has also smoked cigarette. The family is used to buying medicine locally from shops in their cure for the breathing difficulties. Their exposure to colds is seen as the main reason for their problem.
Current Symptoms: The client has a feeling that some of his neck vessels are swollen. He experiences some difficulties in swallowing saliva. He does not experience heart attacks. At the middle of his chest, he claims to experience some deep pains while breathing.
Past History: The client experienced heart attacks some years back. This seems to have recovered after undergoing some treatments which lead him to undergoing heart surgery. He has experienced much hypertension prior to his condition while the degree of his fever has gone down.
Family History: Hypertension has been a common problem to the client family. His mother and grandmother are found to have experienced the same problem while the grandfather was diabetic. There are some recorded cases of elevated cholesterol associated with many of his family members.
Lifestyle and Health Practices: There is much use of drugs and alcohol in the family of the client. The client himself is a cigarette addict while his father and brother are addicts of alcohol and cigarette. Much stress originating from the use of drugs is experienced by many of his family members. The client is used to sleeping on high density pillows.
Current Symptoms: The client experiences high temperatures especially during the night. His skin color ...
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Current Symptoms: The client experiences difficulty in breathing while at rest or while performing any tasks as well as during the night and after taking meals. While taking deep breaths, he experiences pain in his chest. He has several complications in his throat which are…
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