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Maternal and Child Health Maternal and Child Health Child’s health is directly connected with the mother’s health in many ways. It should be noted that the health of the mother during pregnancy can shape the health of the infant. Even after the delivery, mother’s health may play significant roles in contributing to the child’s health as breast milk is the major food for an infant during early days after his birth.


However, both developing and developed countries are not giving enough focus to maternal and child health, which is evident from the fact that the number of mothers and children dying every year because of health problems is growing every year. This paper analyzes the maternal and child health problems in developing and developed countries. Maternal and child health problems in developing countries Pregnancy related health problems can be prevented or managed without recourse to expensive and sophisticated technology. Experience has shown that maternal and neonatal morbidity can be reduced when communities are informed about danger signs and symptoms and good quality health care is accessible with a backup referral system for managing complications at a higher level of the health care system. And yet some 500,000 maternal deaths occur each year, most of them in developing countries (“Chapter 1 Maternal and child health: Introduction,” n.d., p.3) (See Appendix 2 for more details). One of the major reasons for increased maternal deaths in developing countries is lack of education among mothers and pregnant women. ...
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