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Healthcare Utilization and Finance Name Professor Institution Course Date Urinary Tract Infection Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) refers to a condition that affects the urinary tract, which is caused by bacteria (West, 2006). The main parts of the urinary tract affected are kidney and bladder.


Zwick, who is suffering from UTI, together with some other issues associated with Medicare insurance. Medicare Part A (Hospital insurance) This refers to hospital insurance plan, which helps the patient in paying the hospital bills such as those incurred when admitted, and those for purchasing facilities required in nursing, sanatorium, and health care required after discharge from the hospital (West, 2006). Mrs. Zwick is suited for this medical cover since she is over 65 years and meets the citizenship required as stated in the conditions for this medical cover (Bernard et al., 2012). This Medicare will help Zwick pay for the following: i. Inpatient hospital care: this care is paid for up to 90 days for each period of benefit, in addition to 60 reserve days for a lifetime, which takes place in a general hospital. Also covered is up to 190 days in a lifetime, which takes place in a Medicare-certified psychiatric specialty hospital. Under this care, specific costs that will be covered include comprehensive rehabilitation, respiratory therapy and pain management. ii. Skilled nursing facility (SNF) care: this offer is valid up to 100 days for each period of the benefit. For Zwick to qualify for this, she must have spent at least three successive days in hospital prior to admission. ...
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