Cervical Cancer (HPV Induced)

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Cervical Cancer [Name of Student] [Name of Institution] Introduction As defined by Saslow et al. (2002), cancer, medically known as malignant neoplasm, is an umbrella of various diseases that involve unregulated cell multiplication and growth. Cancerous growths occur when body cells grow or divide uncontrollably leading to formation of malignant tumors.


Various types of cancers exist, depending on where cancerous tumors develop at. However, detection of all types of cancers is done though presence of visible signs and symptoms, medical imaging, and screening tests. Cervical cancer, for instance, is among the common type of cancer in women (Smith et al., 2012). Several cancer centers are currently researching on effective control measures, easy diagnostic procedures, and suitable management procedures for cervical cancer. This paper explores some aspects of cervical cancer. General Overview of Cervical Cancer Cervix is the lower portion of a woman’s uterus. Cervix connects the uterus with the vagina. Cervical cancer occurs when there is abnormal growth in the cervix cells and/or invasion by other tissues or organs. Like other cancers, cervical cancer is curable if detected and immediate and appropriate treatment is administered. As a key feature, cervical cancers slowly progress from a normal cervical tissue to cancerous tissue changes. This slow progression is utilized by gynecologists, who detect the disease and give treatment at an early stage. Even though this early detection and administration of proper treatment has significantly lowered down prevalence of cervical cancer, a considerable portion of women still die of the disease every year. According to Smith et al. ...
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