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Research Critique, Part 2

Burns & Grove (2011) state that the potential benefits to the subjects would include improved physical condition that could encourage emotional and social benefits in research on therapeutic or non-therapeutic aspects In terms of risks, risks involved depend on the purpose of study and the procedures used to conduct the research. Risks could include physical, social, emotional or economic and could cause permanent damage. If the risks outweigh the benefits, the research could be unethical (Burns & Grove, 2011). Sundborg, Saleh-Stattin, Wändell & Törnkvist (2012) do not identify the benefits and risks of using human participants.
In terms of consent, researchers must obtain informed consent from the subjects. Therefore, subjects must participate voluntarily. In this research, the participants participated voluntarily because as the researchers point out, they called the individual nurses who participated where 39 agreed to participate while 1 refused. The ones who agree to participate were presented with an information letter with which they could distribute the questionnaires to their colleagues. With regard to institutional review board approval, the authors do not state whether they obtained institutional review, board approval from the agency in which the study was conducted (Sundborg, Saleh-Stattin, Wändell & Törnkvist, 2012).
logistic regression analysis. The first dependent variable is, “if you suspected that a woman was exposed to IPV, would you confirm it by asking her if it was true?” The independent variable here was, “Being sufficiently prepared”. The second dependent variable is, “do you believe that you are sufficiently prepared to deal with a woman exposed to IPV?” The independent variable here was, “having obtained knowledge by themselves” (Sundborg, Saleh-Stattin, Wändell & Törnkvist, 2012).
The researchers collect data using both primary secondary data collection methods. The primary data was collected by use of ...
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Most researches that involve issues touching on human beings use human participants to collect data. As such, these researches must protect the human participants that are used in data collection. Sundborg,…
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