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“Epidemiology-HIV/AIDS” Epidemiology is a study carried out to know the frequency of occurrence of any disease in different groups of population. It aids in evaluating and planning out the approaches to check the disease and describes the integral part of the disease by collecting all the relevant information such as the data collection and its interpretation, various terminologies related with the disease.


Reports reveal that around 33.2 million individuals were suffering with this disease in 2007 involving 2.5 million children also, it was calculated approximately that 2.5 million people got the fresh infection, of these 420,000 were children (AIDS epidemic Update). Reports of 2007 state that sub-Saharan Africa is the most affected area, where 68% people living with the disease and 76% deaths are reported due to AIDS, fresh infections encompass 1.7 million cases, making a total of 22.5 million HIV individuals. Estimates reveal that 61% of reported cases were women (AIDS epidemic Update) with prevalence in South Africa followed by Nigeria and India (Mcneil, 2007). Reports also state that life expectancy in the worst affected regions has decreased as in the year 2006 from 65 to 35 in Botswana (Kallings, 2008). The major reason that emerged to be the cause of disease is lack of awareness and lack of health care resources, contributed by the possibility of sexual contacts with at-risk males. Geographical inequality, poor living conditions are also one of the leading causes for the prevalence of the disease. ...
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