Quantitative Critique of Research Paper "Effect of Nursing Rounds on Patients"

Quantitative Critique of Research Paper "Effect of Nursing Rounds on Patients" Essay example
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Introduction This paper seeks to critically analyse a quantitative research paper written by Christine M. Meade, Amy L. Bursell and Lyn Ketelsen (2006) entitled “Effects of Nursing Rounds on Patients’ Call Light Use, Satisfaction and Safety.” The paper is mainly concerned with analysing the impact of long term rounds in nursing practice and how these may contribute to falls.


Background to the study The call light is very significant with regards to patient care in hospitals but it can be noted that this same call light can pose a challenge to nurses given that the demand for their time may also be increased. Various studies have revealed that the patients’ frequent use of the call light have unfavourable effects especially on patient care management units which is compounded by issues such as shortages of staff as well as general dissatisfaction among the nursing staff. However, there is little empirical research about rounding which is concerned about conducting bedside rounds among the patients. Therefore, this study has been significantly influenced by mainly two factors: to find out more about the observations made with regards to the amount of time spent by nurses responding to call lights and the impact of this practice on patient care management and measures that can be taken in order to assist nurses as well as hospitals to improve their daily operations as well as the safety of the patients. Research has shown that patients mainly use call lights mainly for other non medical purposes such as the need to use toilets or other aspects related to food. ...
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