Organizational Structure and Culture

Organizational Structure and Culture Essay example
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Organizational Structure and Culture Name Institution Tutor Date Organizational Structure and Culture The organizational structure is the formal framework for management process. An organizational chart shows the different departments and positions, and their relationships.


An organization can have an informal or formal structure. A formal structure is presented diagrammatically in an organizational chart. It has positions, responsibilities, tasks, and relations among workers in different departments. An informal structure describes personal or social relations that are not stated in the organizational chart. It provides social satisfaction by helping workers meet their personal objectives. It contains communication channels that distribute information more rapidly than the formal system. An organizational chart can be vertical, horizontal, or rectangular. Informal structures require approval of the management and their techniques are closely monitored for effectiveness. Strong Memorial Hospital at the University of Rochester has a formal organizational structure. The organizational chart is drawn vertically. The chief nursing officer is the overall head of the nursing department. Every department has an associate director, who operates below the chief nursing officer. The nursing body also contains budget managers, recruitment, research department, information systems, and policy management. Staff nurses are at the lowest level and interact with the patients. The hospital has a decentralized system where each department has its own director and workers. ...
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