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Does an orientation tour along with fall prevention education for family members and patients on admission day lower the rate of falls of patients in long term care? - Coursework Example

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Does an orientation tour along with fall prevention education for family members and patients on admission day lower the rate of falls of patients in long term care?

Research that has been conducted indicates that fall prevention can have short and long term effects (Gregory, 2013).
Among the methods that have been applied to prevent falls in hospitals is the education on the patients and also family members. Patients together with their families are educated on the causes of falls and the available interventions. The expectation of the family that their relative will not fall again after treatment should get managed with care. The program used in the pedagogical efficacy was used to investigate the results of the education program in the intervention process. The education process in the hospitals was found to have successfully worked in a hospital setup. The number of patients who experienced falls was found to have drastically reduced (Healey & Darowski, 2012).
The use of education in the prevention process has made efforts to promote positivity in self-identity of the patient. It has also made efforts to urge the patient to adopt the post-discharge falls strategies due to the benefits they possess. The nurse can make the use written of video materials to educate the patients and should have the design principles of adult learning. The nurse should also have discussions with the patient and make the recommendations on the presented materials. After the discussion, there should also be follow up on the patient. After a period of two weeks, the nurse should check the patient to see the progress and also reinforce the education (Jeske et al., 2006)
Another method that was used in the control of falls is orienting the patients to the facility. Before the patients get admitted in their respective rooms, the nurse showed them around. The location of the bathroom was made known to the patient. The nurse call system is also made known to the patient. The nurse call system should be at a place where the patient can easily access the machine together with other important items. Patients at high risk of experiencing falls ...
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The major cause of the fall could be an unfamiliar environment, major illness, treatments and the placement of the various objects in the hospitals. The result of falling is…
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