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Professional Identity Table of Contents Introduction 3 Value of Modern Nursing 4 Social, Cultural and Political Values 6 Impact of Professional Regulation 7 Role of NMC in the Protection of Public 8 Conclusion and Recommendations 9 References 10 Introduction Professional identity has become one of the most significant concepts in the field of nursing.


Professional image can be recognised as the insights, feelings, beliefs and ideas that people tend to possess regarding the nurses and the nursing. Since last ten years, it has been observed that there have been major alterations in the images of the nurses. Media has been largely responsible in creating a somewhat derogatory image (Andrew, 2012). The main objective of the paper is to identify how nursing as a profession challenges the professional identity of an individual. The study will also aim at identifying the values of modern nursing along with the social, cultural and political factors impacting the profession. It will also highlight upon the impact of professional regulations and the role of the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) in the protection of the public. Value of Modern Nursing In the nineteenth century, nursing was not considered as an identifiable as well as self-conscious occupation. Until the year 1923, one was free to describe him/her-self as a nurse. A sick person was generally provided care at home by the members of the family or he/she was assisted by one or two paid workers. Nursing was regarded as a duty which was an extended part of a woman’s domestic roles (Mortimer, 2005). ...
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