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Care delivery intervention essay This essay will focus on respiratory care given to a patient during my practice placement on a high dependency ward (HDU). I will reflect on how I conducted a systematic assessment and will discuss the importance of assessing and maintaining a client’s airway.


He was admitted into High Dependency Unit (HDU) following a PR bleed. John has a history of previously smoking for 28 years and stopped when diagnosed with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and has had asthma since he was a teenager, which is being treated with inhalers. John’s airway, breathing, and circulation were checked on arrival to identify any actual or potential problems. These observations are taken on admission as an initial assessment and management of a patient during their stay on HDU. They provide a baseline for future comparison, to monitor the patient condition during treatment and to monitor the patient’s response to treatment or medication. Whilst on HDU, John started developing respiratory problems like shortness of breath (dyspnea) with a raised respiratory rate 33 along with low oxygen saturations 88% (hypoxemia). Hypoxemia may lead to anxiety, dyspnea, and a reduction in oxygen saturation. The effect of a lowered cardiac output, poor circulation, and potential lung dysfunction may cause a drop in oxygen to tissues affecting other organs, which is why I will administer 2L of oxygen to Jack via nasal cannula. I, then, went on to assess John’s circulation where I found his skin color, capillary refill, and fluid balance to be normal. His blood pressure was slightly raised 180/120. ...
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