Watson's Caring Theory on Postpartum Disorder.

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Watson’s Caring Theory in Postpartum Disorder
Nursing theories explain phenomena relating to clinical practice particularly in providing care. It may define or describe concepts, health-related events and propose something about them


The idea is to inform nursing practice and to ensure the best possible care for patients. This paper will explore Jane Watson’s philosophy and science of caring theory. The structure of this paper will begin with the description of the medical condition and is followed by a discussion of the nursing theory and its application. Medical Condition: The Postpartum Disorder The postpartum depression also called as Baby Blues (depending on the severity of the condition) was one of the topics considered for this paper along with other conditions relating to newborn infants. The decision to focus on the disorder stem from the fact that it is quite prevalent but often left untreated or undiagnosed, hence, often misunderstood from the point of view of healthcare providers. Recent statistics show that at least 400,000 women in the United States suffer from postpartum disorder annually and that one in four first time mothers experience the illness (Johnson, 2003, p.141). According to Rosenfield (2006), "after their follow-up gynecologist examination, the only contact most women will have with medical providers during the postpartum year is at their baby's well child examination," and that "the concept of pediatricians screening for postpartum depression has not caught on widely so diagnosis at these visits is unlikely" (p.61). ...
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