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ASSESSMENT TASK 1: Humanistic Learning Theory

Nursing education is one of the most essential elements of the nursing practice. With nursing education, the skills and knowledge needed to secure quality nursing practice can be transmitted to new potential nurses. For registered nurses involved in adult nursing practice, the humanistic learning theory can be an appropriate theory.
Nursing education has been considered essential education, one which helps individuals and learners reach their fitness for practice. Essential education helps mould a student and it may be argued under these conditions that nurse education involves training, not so much education (Freshwater and Stickley, 2003). Before the Prior to Project 2000 studies in the UK, nurse education was mostly related to the apprenticeship model of training (Bines and Watson, 1992). Such model includes gaining skills via on-the-job training using theoretical elements. The objective for traditional nurse education has been on securing specific skills and knowledge in order for students to reach a higher standard of practice (Gillespie, 2002). The classroom therefore has been supported by knowledge and practical learning which has been essential in the clinical setting. Propositional knowledge can be defined in relation to textbook knowledge where an individual learns facts and theories on a subject matter without having to directly experience it (Burnard, 1987).
Project 2000 in the UK challenged traditional nurse learning. Models of education changed to the more technocratic models (Gessner, 2011). In effect, curriculum development models have been closely linked to the instrumentalist principles, humanism, as well as functionalist models. ...
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This paper shall present a discussion of this student’s role as a teacher or educator of nurses, considering what sort of teacher this student would aspire to be; the humanistic theory as it applies to this student’s approach to learning…
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