Professional development and the role of mentorship.

Professional development and the role of mentorship. Essay example
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The teachers and mentors, as such, emerge as major facilitators for learning processes within the academia for students of all levels extending from children to the students of higher learning (Megginson et al., 2006). The paper would therefore, be discussing the key enabling factors that contribute to the effectiveness of the mentors.


Walsh (2010) asserts that successful mentors are those that foster growth and development in others. Indeed, within the broader precinct of education, mentors can be defined as guides and advisors in the learning process. Various scholars are of the view that mentors provide enabling environment to students in practice setting (Carnwell et al., 2007). Mentoring is core aspect of healthcare profession that serves as critical linkage in forging constructive relationships and developing skills and competencies of individuals to improve and improvise their performance. Department of Health (2001:6) describes it as ‘nurse, midwife or health visitor who facilitates learning, supervises and assesses students in the clinical setting’. As such, mentors identify and evaluate core competencies of students and help exploit them for improved performance. It is especially true for pre-registration of healthcare workers and RNs so that they are better equipped to face the challenges of the times. Hence, effective mentoring guides young nursing professionals to identify and develop their competencies for higher healthcare delivery.
Role of mentor is critical aspect in the transition of students into the registered healthcare professional due to huge shift to responsibility and accountability of the changing position. ...
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