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Nursing Name Institution Nursing Rural communities consist of a small number of individuals residing in remotely large geographical regions compared to urban settings. This characteristic is seen to have adverse impacts on the health care delivery systems.


This factor will have impacts on the health status of the individuals who reside in these rural communities as well as influence health care services and affect delivery of medical services. This paper will address the areas of family health care that play a vital role in promoting health and ensuring wellness in family self-care. Nurses are encouraged to take upon a more pro-active approach when they are working with families, whether in an urban or a rural setting. This will ensure quality health care promotion is the main focus in most families. Recent research shows that there are changes which are taking place in family health care as well as family life. Research further indicates that there is an upcoming international perspective in which individuals and the community at large feels the need for recognition of the common attributes about family life across the different cultures as well as promotion of family health issues in the nation. Nursing practice is aimed at ensuring managed care in rural and family health. Nurses continue to face challenges in delivery of medical services to individuals and families residing in the remote and rural communities. These challenges inhibit nurses from delivering quality nursing care to individuals in rural setting. Limited medical resources present challenges in rural communities. ...
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