Dunn's Theory of Adaptation to Chronic Pain

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Adaptation to Chronic Pain Name Institution Tutor Date Adaptation to Chronic Pain Karen Dunn is an associate professor whose expertise lies in surgical, gerontological, and critical care nursing. Over many years, she actively participated in research work on chronic pain, stress and coping, aging and spirituality, and self-care practices.


Old adults experiencing chronic pain turn to several cognitive and behavioral strategies that might help them cope with such pain. During her research on chronic pain, she realized that about 50 percent of old people in the society experience chronic pain. This theory aims at controlling chronic pain based on Merton’s description. The Roy Adaptation Model was used to deduce the adaptation to chronic pain model utilized in this theory. Several old adults suffer due to extreme chronic pain that has been undetected or undertreated by their care givers. This theory provides the coping process starts by identifying the causal stimuli and managing it effectively. Dunn’s theory was developed through induction, which is starting with observation and working towards generalization. During her research and teaching on chronic illnesses, Dunn observed the levels of chronic pain experienced by old people. For example, individuals suffering from arthritis attempt several cognitive and behavioral pain coping strategies due to high levels of chronic pain. Patients with arthritis used at least one coping strategy per day which includes coping self statements, exercise, diversion, and praying. ...
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