Concept Comparison and Analysis Across Theories

Concept Comparison and Analysis Across Theories Essay example
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Running head: Concept Comparison and Analysis across Theories Name Course Tutor Date Introduction Imogene King’s General Systems Theory, Dorothea Orem’s Self-Care Theory and Jean Watson’s Human Caring Theory have played substantial role in developing nursing knowledge.


Subsequently, the emphasis on the health concept has affected the nursing concept. However, the health concept remains the nursing theory’s building block, with the aforementioned theories incorporating the concept of health as it is of major importance. This paper will present discussion of comparison analysis of health metaparadigm in General Systems, Self-Care Theories and the Human Caring Theory and highlight the main concepts in the Human Caring Theory. Discussion Health Concept Definition in King’s General Systems Theory Health metaparadigm refers to one’s dynamic experiences in life. When one optimally utilizes resources, he or she can attain full potential for daily life, which enables one to cope continuously with stressors within internal and external environment. Health can also be viewed as one’s capacity for social role functioning. According to Hanucharumkul (1989), King’s definition of health concept is equivocal. Health is viewed as how one is able to cope with growth and development stressors in internal and external environment, whereby one’s cultural inclination and efforts to conform are functional. This viewpoint seems to support Orem’s fundamentals for universal self-care and development. King’s view of social functionality of health is congruent with Orem’s viewpoint, although clinical model is not incorporated in King’s model. ...
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