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Name Class Teacher Date The patient who is the subject for discussion in this paper is a family friend and my father’s co-worker. He is in his mid 40s with a wife and three kids. He sufferred from a Myocardial Infarction or MI (commonly known as heart attack) accompanied by a Cerebral Vascular Attack or CVA (commonly known as “stroke“ ) three years ago which nearly killed him and rendered him paralyzed later.


He was already overweight which indicated that he really had to watch his health. Even his wife which is also a family friend already advised him to at least scale down on his drinking habit and have a change of diet. Still, it was of no avail. He was encouraged to do sport or go to the gym or do a leisure swim as a substitute for drinking but it still did not work. Our family friend just had no sense of mortality. Even if he already reached his 40s and had history of cardiovascular diseases on both sides of his family, he still carried the lifestyle that he had when he was still college. I know this because he was a college friend of my dad who often told me that he still party like they were still in college. There were beer binges on weekends and holidays and he still indulge in foods that even I would be anxious to partake. He like to indulge in fatty foods like pork and high cholesterol beef in addition to junk foods and soda. Even his wife already reminded him to “slow down” with his eating and drinking habits to no avail. He does not get enough sleep due to his beer binges rendering his immunity system weak. Until one day while eating, he sufferred a heart attack and it was obviously bad. ...
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