Effects of Budgeting on Patient Safety

Effects of Budgeting on Patient Safety Essay example
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Effects of Budgeting on Patient Safety Student Name: July 9, 2012 Introduction. The healthcare process includes allocating budgets to ensure patient safety. The research focuses on five healthcare articles. The articles relate to enhancing healthcare’s patient safety procedures.


The article rightfully states patients’ safety procedures reduce future healthcare costs; accidents increase expenses. The conclusion shows the importance of enhancing patient safety initiatives by allocating budgets for the disseminating the required safety and feedback information. Another research correctly affirms that the AHRQ program shows more budgetary funds are needed (Sorbero et al., 2009). Second Article. Second, the article Government Efforts to Improve Quality of Care for Nursing Home Residents and to Protect Them from Mistreatment rightfully centers on the enhancing the government’s role in increasing the healthcare budget, including the nursing home. The author clearly demonstrates that the government is focusing on improving the current nursing home patients’ safety and well-being by increasing related budgets (Gittler, 2008). The conclusion perfectly states all government agencies currently contribute to the enhancement of the entire complex healthcare process, especially in the nursing home atmosphere. Third Article. Third, the article Nurses’ Experiences of the Encounter with Elderly Neglect perfectly reiterates the nurses’ experiences serve the healthcare needs of the elderly patients (Winterstein, 2012). ...
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