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  • If you were planning a new undergraduate nursing program, what is one nursing theory( grand or middle -range) that you would incorporate into the curriculum? Explain your reasoning.

If you were planning a new undergraduate nursing program, what is one nursing theory( grand or middle -range) that you would incorporate into the curriculum? Explain your reasoning. - Coursework Example

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If you were planning a new undergraduate nursing program, what is one nursing theory( grand or middle -range) that you would incorporate into the curriculum? Explain your reasoning.

Therefore, in order to guarantee the establishment of an adequate foundation, the nursing curriculum should be designed to include Watson’s theory of human caring.
Nursing revolves around the care, and the theory of human caring holds that human interpersonal relations are the primary aspects of caring (Watson, 2008). The primary ideas of Watson’s theory of human caring are grounded on the assumption that the principle and basis of nursing exist in caring science as the root of the profession of nursing (Watson, 2008). The human caring connection is transpersonal because it portrays a unique association with the other person. In such a transpersonal relationship, the students can be taught on how to understand the patient by showing compassion and care (Watson, 2008). Watson’s theory of human caring can offer a guide to nursing learners on how to enter into the patients’ world and form a union with them. Additionally, Watson’s theory of human caring gives ten carative aspects that nurses can observe as interventions that express the association between caring and love (Watson, 2008). Therefore, the theory of human caring and the ten carative aspects can adequately guide nursing learners in their interpersonal relationships with patients and ...
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Notably, nursing theory offers a structure to support and delineate nursing practice and the quality of care afforded to patients (Basavanthappa, 2007). Nursing theory offers ideas that support research…
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