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Executive Summary (Benchmark Assessment - Admission/Application Essay Example

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Admission/Application Essay
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In this context, fragmentation covers on the lack of synchrony between practices of service providers and expectations of the patient population. Fragmentation causes lack…

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Executive Summary (Benchmark Assessment

of misalignment worsened with increasing establishment of private health care institutions coupled with a high number of citizens without health insurance covers. Out of selfish profit objectives, pricing of services in hospitals remains uneven. Correspondingly, the quality of care varies from one institution to another. As a result, the patient population is thrown into an environment of unprecedented fluctuation in terms of quality and cost of medical services (Wolper, 2010). In order to reduce and even eliminate fragmentation in health care, service providers should adopt the use of programs that increase transparency and coordination. One of such programs is Integrated Delivery System (IDS).
Being one of the employees in an institution affected by health care fragmentation, it would be appropriate to initiate a quality improvement project involving utilization of an integrated delivery system in service provision. The purpose of this project is to create a network of interdisciplinary medical experts using a suitable online interface. Currently, there is limited interaction between independent doctors working within a single healthcare institution (David & Neil, 2006). Usually, personnel involved in diagnosis of patients act independently and do not participate in subsequent treatment procedures like prescription of medication or even surgery. Moreover, this issue of limited interaction adversely affects medical personnel working in distinct health care institutions. Admittedly, absence of care coordination between providers leads to problems like under treatment or overtreatment of patients. In this context, the proposed integrated delivery system will merge knowledge and protocols used by institutions sharing the same system. In addition, the system will provide an avenue through which doctors can consult each other and share information regarding to a given patient. Ultimately, presence of professional interaction between service providers causes a ...
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