The Nurse' Responsability in the Prevention of Medical Errors

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Running Head: Nursing The Nurses’ Responsibility in the Prevention of Medical Errors Essay Name Course Title Name of Professor Date of Submission Abstract The satisfaction and safety of the patients are the major aspects of nursing. Because nurses are closely concerned and engaged in healthcare services and are decisively involved in severe stages of the illness, it is vital for nurses to identify the underlying factors facilitating medical errors for successful preventative measures.


Errors can happen at any part of the healthcare organization. Understanding that errors take place, learning from such mistakes, and putting an effort to avoid potential or future errors embodies an important development in the healthcare system, a transition from a culture of sanctions and ‘pointing fingers’ to examination of the underlying reasons for errors and techniques to enhance procedures and mechanisms. All healthcare providers have a part in guaranteeing a safe environment for staffs and patients. This essay specifies four strategies on how nurses can prevent medication errors, namely, (1) knowing their patients, (2) knowing the medications, (3) communicating, (4) dealing carefully with medications that look and sound the same. Introduction Nurses carry out several of the major chores in medical or clinical settings; they are usually assigned to most patient services. Due to their substantial interaction with patients, nurses have the opportunity to serve a major function in the discovery of medical errors and the growth of a safe medical environment. ...
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