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Critique of Clinical Skill - Wound Management Students’ name Course title Professor’s name: Name of Institution Date Critique of Clinical Skill - Wound Management Introduction Clinical officers need to apply scientific research findings to the practice of evidence-based medicine.


Critical appraisal is a systematic process utilized to identify research strengths and weaknesses inherent in a research article. This is done with an aim of assessing the validity, reliability and usefulness of research findings. The primary components of critical appraisal include the evaluation of the study design’s appropriateness for the research questions used, and the careful assessment of key methodological design features. Other factors that should be taken into consideration while critically appraising an article are such as the examination of the suitability of the statistical methods used to analyze data, potential conflict of interest and the research relevance to an individual practice. Thus, the purpose of this paper is to appraise the below named article on wound management. Article: Annells, M., O’Neill, J., & Flowers, C. (2008). Compression bandaging for venous leg ulcers: the essentialness of a willing Patient. Journal of Clinical Nursing, 17(3), 350-359.doi 10.1111/j. 1365-2702.2007.01996.x Analyzing whether the Research Study Questions Are Relevant A research can be of the highest methodological rigor but it may be of little value if it does not address a significant topic or add value to the already existing knowledge about the subject under discussion (Mays & Pope, 2000). ...
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