Teenage Pregnancy Literature Review

Teenage Pregnancy Literature Review Literature review example
Literature review
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Teenage pregnancy Name: Instructor: Task: Date: Title Teenage pregnancy has become a national problem in the society and various measures are being proposed on countering it. Therefore, this paper is going to conduct a literature review of numerous books that cover this explosive subject from its causes to preventions and repercussions.


It will also cover the factors that cause and how it can be prevented. Cherry, A et al, (2001), Teenage Pregnancy: A Global View, Greenwood Publishing Group, New York. According to Cherry and others, teenage pregnancy is the pregnancy that afflicts persons under 20 years especially when the pregnancy terminates. This predicament is always brought by various individual and societal factors that is always manifested in most communities. For example, poverty, parental neglect, lack of education and unemployment have been cited as most reasons why teenagers fall pregnant early (Cherry et al, 2001, p.120). In addition, the authors explain that the pregnancy can occur at various periods in the life stage of the girl child. This is either before or after puberty. On that note, it also happens with menarche, which is the first menstrual period that happens between the ages of 12 and 13. According to the writers, this is the stage of fertility among females and they are prone to getting pregnant. However, these authors concur that teenage pregnancies differ from nation to nation depending on the economic prospects, development and cultural factors among others (Cherry et al, 2001, p.126). Similarly, there is the use of condoms and contraceptives that are varying from country to country. ...
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