The Perception of Nursing

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Discussion Paper Introduction The perception of nursing is principally defined as the execution of clinical judgment for the purpose of enabling the individuals to maintain, improve and recover as well as to cope up with the various difficulties relating to their health.


The notion of nursing is chiefly based upon moral values which respect the uniqueness and the autonomy of the individuals along with the privileged interrelation between a patient and a nurse. The idea of nursing is viewed as a commitment towards partnership in which the nurses work collaboratively with the patients along with other different members belonging to the multi-disciplinary team (Meleis, 2007). In this discussion, the significance, applicability as well as the effectiveness of nursing leadership on patient along with the staff outcomes in the context of contemporary clinical practice will be taken into concern. Discussion The term ‘leadership’ is usually described as the procedure of stimulating or motivating a collection of people in order to act accordingly for the purpose of accomplishing a common target. An effective leader is viewed to be an inspiration as well as the director of different activities which leads, influences, guides and commands people by a considerable level. The important features of a successful leader entail possessing the competence of building effectual communication proficiencies, quick problem-solving, making valuable decisions consistently and appropriately. ...
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