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Course Syllabus BY YOU YOUR SCHOOL INFO HERE DATE HERE Course Syllabus Background Information 1. Program and Institution LAN108: Leadership and Administration in Nursing Ohio State University Lecture Times: M, W, Th 8:30am to 10:00 am Business Classroom C89 2.


Stresses in this environment often come from ineffective administrative leadership who do not maintain sociological or psychological knowledge of nurse emotional needs and therefore do not create effective policies or systems designed to deal with stress. Administration and management professionals often work directly with nursing staff, failing to adopt interpersonal relationships that can lead to motivation and loyalty by nurses who are under other tangible stresses related to patient care and time management. In the role of nursing administration, the leader must be concerned with turnover costs and training costs which are part of the operational budgeting process designed to secure the financial interests of the hiring organization. Job burnout caused by conflict between administration and nursing professionals can lead to high absenteeism and even psychological syndromes that jeopardize both nurse well-being and patient care quality (Maslach, 1993; Schaufeli & Enzmann 1998). Ohio State University recognizes that in order to create a positive organizational culture, secure the liability protection of health care organizations and business professionals, and also to ensure patient safety, management and leadership skills require refinement to improve the overall quality of health care delivery. ...
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