Effective Communications with People in the Nursing Profession

Effective Communications with People in the Nursing Profession Essay example
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Effective Communications With People In The Nursing Profession Introduction There are many positive attributes a nurse should have in order to be considered good in the field of quality health services. Among them would be some medical knowledge, professional conduct in the performance of duties and responsibilities, desirable virtues like compassion for the suffering, a positive attitude while working hard, and many more.


In the words of Kelly, P. and Marthaler, M. (2010, p.68), “Communication is a cornerstone to achieving success when delegating patient care.” A good nurse must be able to impart accurate information about what patients can expect and how they can be safe or away from various ailments. Although this begins while patients are able to interact with nurses oftentimes in hospitals or clinics, the quality care and safety of these same patients will have to extend from the time they are able to recover and leave their sickbed to the time they live normal lives again. Effective communications, according to Kelly, P. and Marthaler (2010), involves four processes, namely, (a) attending, which means active listening to patients, (b) responding the way a nurse should be responsive to the actual needs, (c) clarifying whatever might not be clear to either the nurse or the patient, and (d) confronting the problem or issue in order to resolve misunderstandings. This essay will focus more on the first two elements of effective communications – active listening and being responsive to patient needs and preferences as part of their criteria for quality care. ...
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