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Name Tutor Course College Date Abstract Due to the rising number of fatalities and trauma incidences, there is urgent need for technological advances that can be used to handle trauma emergencies. Since trauma patients require the fastest medical attention, the life of the patient is always in danger, especially for those located away from hospitals.


The legal and political considerations are also looked into, as well as the economic viability. With lots of benefit and disadvantages at the same time, the paper tries to look at the most logical and best way to deal with teletrauma and how to ensure that it is effectively used. A list of articles randomly selected from the internet has been used to come up with the arguments behind this paper. These sources have been selected based on their relevance to the topic of discussion which revolves around teletrauma. With its proper use, teletrauma can perform wonders, as has been seen before. More studies are still aimed at bringing this new technology a step further. What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of teletrauma and how can we improve it to be more efficient? These are the main questions examined and answered in this essay. Telehealth is the latest approach to approach to medical emergency. In this type of medical approach, telecommunication is used to treat patients who may be miles away and in need of urgent medical attention. Teletrauma is one of the major braches of telehealth. It is estimated that close to two million people died of simple trauma each year, something the does not require so much expertise to perform first aid rather one can easily be saved from the death. ...
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