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Name of the Student Name of the Concerned Professor Nursing 27 March 2011 Infection Control and Prevention Introduction Insertion of central venous catheters (CVCs) has become commonplace in the peri-operative and intensive care setting. Over the years, they have played a reliable role in patient care for haemodynamic management, patent intravenous access in patients suffering from chronic illnesses and administration of parenteral nutrition and other chemotherapeutic agents.


One survey determined that central lines are associated with more than 40% of blood stream infections in England. Thus, it is imperative that strict infection control measures are enforced during the care of CVCs. Risk of infection in peri-operative setting would depend upon whether the CVC is kept in situ for a long time or it is removed post surgery. Otherwise, rest of the discussion about CRBSI is applicable to ICU as well as peri-operative setting. Definition and diagnosis of CRBSI Catheter related blood stream infection (CRBSI) is a type of hospital acquired infection which is clinically defined as fungemia or bacteremia in a patient with CVC in situ, as shown by positive blood culture from a peripheral vein, along with clinical signs of infection, but no other apparent source for positive blood culture. Standard guidelines for catheter and blood culture are in place to establish a microbiological diagnosis of CRBSI (IDSA 2012). ...
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