Confidentiality as a Nurse

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Confidentiality as a Nurse Name University Confidentiality as a Nurse Nursing ethics is considered as a domain of bioethics and there are several controversies about whether nursing owns its separate and unique professional practice-based problems or not. However, it is established that the nursing ethics similar to the healthcare ethics initiates usually with practice-based issues or problems.


However, these cannot be considered as separate entities as confidentiality is interlinked with privacy and trust and most of the time means that the information should be kept a secret from others (Butts & Rich, 2005). Breach of confidentiality in the nursing practice leads to an encounter with ethical dilemmas, however, different circumstances call for unique decisions. The code of ethics includes confidentiality as an important and significant part of the nursing practice to ensure a trustworthy and open relationship between the clinician and the patient. The ANA Code for the Nurses states: “Associated with the right to privacy, the nurses have a duty to maintain confidentiality of all patient information.” The ANA Code for Nurses also states: “The patient’s well-being could be jeopardized and the fundamental trust between patient and nurse destroyed by unnecessary access to data or by the inappropriate disclosure of identifiable patient information” (Benjamin & Curtis, 2010). These principles of confidentially and respect to other people’s information establish the confidential nature of the communication between the patient and the nurse and the duty of the nurse to maintain the trust and privacy. ...
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