The Impact of Disruption to Sleep Patterns in the Intensive Care Unit

The Impact of Disruption to Sleep Patterns in the Intensive Care Unit Essay example
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IMPACT OF DISRUPTION TO SLEEP PATTERNS IN THE INTENSIVE CARE UNIT By Name Course Tutor’s Name Institution Date Introduction Sleep disruptions in the Intensive Care Units (ICU) remain one of the central concerns in the field of nursing. Consequences of sleep disruptions range from the impairment of the cognition of patients to reduced capacity of the patients’ immune system.


One indisputable fact is that lack of sleep affects the health and progress of the healing for patients in the ICU. A study on the impacts of sleep disruptions in the ICU indicated that the nature of sleep patterns in a nursing environment has some significant associations with the mortality rates (Friese, 2007, p. 1210). Nursing institutions that promote good sleep habits for patients in the ICU have also shown significant reductions in the levels of mortality. On the other hand, nursing institutions that do not have any structures for promoting good sleep habits were also associated with high mortality rates. The findings of this study were consistent with other findings that showed a positive association between the states of health of patients in the ICU with the number of hours of sleep that the patients managed to get (Friese, 2007, p. 1212). For instance, these findings showed that most of the patients who managed to get uninterrupted sleep were able to respond faster and better to treatment than those who were occasionally interrupted by the nurses or other factors. ...
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