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Name: Course: Course Instructor Date: Crisis Management Plan • How communication dynamics may differ in times of crisis In a health care set up, the time of crisis is certainly, not a time that all things can be made to continue in the exact way they used to be before (Williams and Cooper, 2002).).


One of the first changes that would usually take place in the communication dynamics has to do with changes in communicators. Times of crisis are thought to be highly sensitive times, at which time several nerves go up and thus deserve to be calmed down. In contemporary management, people involved in crisis and others who are concerned about the crisis have a lot of hope in top hierarchy messages and as such, there should be changes in the communicators. It is advised that“a small team of senior executives should be identified to serve as your organization's Crisis Communications Team.” (Bernstein, 2012). Secondly, it is expected that the impulse of messages that are communicated will take a new dynamic whereby they will seek to target affected stakeholders and offer high level of hope to them. This is particularly necessary as crisis comes with a lot of stress and fear. Words of solace therefore remain a very cetral aspect of the communication that will take place. Finally, there will be a change in communication pattern whereby the communication will be solution based rather than cause based. Clearly, the time of crisis is not the right time to play blame game and so immediate solution should be inherent in the communication. ...
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