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Research/EBP/Global Health Nursing Essay Essay example
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Evidence-Based Practice and Overview Valerie Blemur Florida International University NUR 3666 Evidence-Based Nursing and Research in Global Health Care September 4, 2012 Abstract Evidence-based practice is a crucial process in today’s nursing programs given the numerous advantages that it harbors not only for the patient but the nurse involved.


Part B will discuss the significance of having research methods as part of a nurse’s training and its benefits to the nurse. Part C will deal with a real-case scenario that occurred and has featured in an article review. Part D will be a conclusion of all that has been discussed herein. Key terms: evidence-based practice, nursing, nursing practice Evidence-Based Practice It is imperative that nurses embrace evidence-based practice in their work. This allows for every individual to be conscientious, explicit and judicious in the use of what they can get on the case they are handling from the past and the present to make decisions. This will allow them to integrate individual clinical and educational skills with the very best available external clinical evidence. It will also enable the nurses to include their opinions, scientific proof and patient perspectives to provide high-quality services to reflect the interests of not only the clinicians but of their clients as well. As such, the use of this evidence-based practice (EBP) will also allow each nurse to incorporate different views into the diagnosis, thus, offering a wider array of options through which the client can successfully attain better health if they follow the advices given. ...
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