Diabetes in the Young

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Type II Diabetes in the Young Name: Institution: Introduction Prevalence of type 2 diabetes in the young adults and children is growing worldwide, mirroring the increase of the ill with the disease in the adult population. Research of the effects of the disease on the young indicates poor outcomes in 10 to 20 years (Eppens & Craig, 2006).


Pathophysiology of Type 2 Diabetes Research of type 2 diabetes in the young adults and children continues to provide insightful information about the pathophysiology of the disease. Qualified researchers attribute susceptibility to the disease to both genetic and environmental factors (Eppens & Craig, 2006). Inherited genes might predispose an individual to a combination of failure of beta-cell secretion and insensitivity to insulin produced (Eppens & Craig, 2006). This means that individuals with a history of this disease have increased chances of contracting it compared to individuals with no record of type 2 diabetes in their family. 45-80% of these children have a parent suffering from type 2 diabetes. 74-90% of the reported children cases show that they have the 1st or 2nd degree relative suffering from the disease (Eppens & Craig, 2006). Some researchers might also argue that women have a higher chance of contracting the disease than men (Eppens & Craig, 2006). Other genetic factors that increase the person’s susceptibility to the disease are intrauterine exposure to diabetes, puberty, low birth-weight, and ethnicity (Eppens & Craig, 2006). ...
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