Family and egalitrarian partnership with a family nurse

Family and egalitrarian partnership with a family nurse Essay example
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Family and egalitarian partnership with a family nurse Name Institution Tutor Date Family and egalitarian partnership with a family nurse Introduction In today’s century, the modern family has resulted to preferring family therapy, which is normally offered by a selected nurse as opposed to the general provision of care.


The family also comprises of various individuals with dissimilar personalities; hence, uniqueness of each household. In the research study compiled by Bell (2009), family therapy by an egalitarian nurse is one that is aimed at sustaining and promoting health to those suffering from particular infections. This is an suggestion that family therapy is one that makes sure the broad well being of the family is put under examination as well as proviso of maintenance skills on a long term basis. On another viewpoint, it would be reasonable to indicate that some family conditions may be a simpler sign of what the entire family goes through. Dealing with the infection on an individual perspective, in this case, is an indication that the syndrome is dealt with on behalf of the family, which is not obliging. This explains why there is need to deal with the infection on the family level not the person, which is only possible through the help of an egalitarian family nurse. Services offered by a family nurse can, therefore, be indicated to break the sequence of recurrence of various conditions in the individuals. As a result, family nurses offer proper assessment and handling of family infections, a feature which reduces the effects of an individual affecting the entire family. A good example would be psychotherapy on one person in the family who is diabetic. ...
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