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Clinical Reasoning Case Study The Case Mrs. Archer has been admitted to your facility for respite care while her daughter (her primary carer) has a 6 week holiday. She weighs 45 kilograms and has paper thin skin. She is in the early stages of dementia and you notice she does not eat very much food or drink very much.


Archer’s health status arise. The height was not mentioned to have a clearer view on the patient’s body mass index but the photo shows a dishevelled thin woman with sunken eyelids who appears weak and cold. It was stated that she is currently suffering from early stage of dementia manifesting her inability to perform basic activities of daily living such as eating and maintaining personal hygiene. Dementia is the occurrence of significant deficiency of global cognitive ability in a formerly unimpaired person, further than what might be accepted from normal degeneration. It is a non-specific syndrome that affects areas of cognition such as attention, memory, language, and one’s ability in problem solving (Thompson, 2006, p.19). In UK alone, 820,000 people are suffering from dementia while more than 35 million people are currently estimated to have dementia and 4.6 million new cases are diagnosed each year worldwide (Ferri et al., 2005). The elderly with dementia usually go through three stages. During the early stage, one may be challenged in remembering things that they would usually know such as common daily tasks, where they put their things or even how to get home. ...
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