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Clinical Reasoning Case Study

The author of the essay "Clinical reasoning case study" begins with the description of the case study and short overview of the dimentia. "In the given situation, several problems regarding Mrs. Archer’s health status arise. The height was not mentioned to have a clearer view on the patient’s body mass index but the photo shows a dishevelled thin woman with sunken eyelids who appears weak and cold. It was stated that she is currently suffering from early stage of dementia manifesting her inability to perform basic activities of daily living such as eating and maintaining personal hygiene". The author discusses justification and sets the goals of the treatment. In the end he evaluates outcomes and gives his recommendations and prognosis. By the end of the six weeks nursing care, Mrs. Archer will be able to demonstrate progressive weight gain or stable body weight. Evaluation criteria will include some if not all of the following:

1. Complete six weeks weight monitoring record showing progress on patient’s weight heavier than 45 kilograms.
2. Creation of a meal plan according to patient’s preference and in congruence with her energy expenditure and metabolic rate.
3. Able to consume meals served with only few, if not totally absence, of leftovers.

Elderly, especially those suffering with cognitive impairment, most of the time lacks self esteem and autonomy therefore, in any intervention, one must be sensitive enough to act and speak with them as individuals with dignity and independence. ...
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The author of this research paper mainly focuses on the discussion of the topic of nursing and analyzes the case study. The researcher takes as an example a woman with early stages of dementia, paper thin skin and with regular urinary tract infections. In the end, he gives his recommendations…
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