Rural nursese and Inteavenous rehydration in paediatric gastroenteritis

Rural nursese and Inteavenous rehydration in paediatric gastroenteritis Research Paper example
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Name Tutor Course title Date Qualitative Research Report Appraisal and Critique Introduction This is report is an appraisal and critique paper on a research published in an academic journal. The paper is a qualitative research on rural nurses and their multiple perspectives of self.


In order to know the quality, rigor and weight of evidence presented in a research paper, tools such as (COREQ) are used depending on the research design used (Agustin 7). (COREQ) is used in assessing qualitative studies. Other tools used to assess qualitative studies are MOOSE for Meta analysis of observational studies in epidemiology while the TREND is used for Quasi-experimental or non-randomized assessments (Finlay and Gough 22). Journal The study is reported in the Journal of Advanced Nursing, which is a leading international journal that is peer reviewed and is highly rated on Impact factor of 1.54. The target audience for the journal is health care professionals in pursuit of advanced practice and professional development. It provides knowledge and evidence. The journal is published by Blackwell Publishing Ltd, which has offices in many locations in the world, one of them being in Melbourne, Australia. The journal provide a wealth of knowledge and information that addresses issues of international interests and concern and present them as research findings, research-based reviews, discussion papers and other articles from practitioners, administrators, researchers, educators among others in the field of nursing, midwifery and health sciences, and therefore, I would apply this information into practice. ...
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