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Engaging in scholarships and service Name Institution affiliation Tutor Date Engaging in scholarships and service Scholarships and services are regarded the best achievement a nurse educator can have. The two factors not only enhance the capabilities of a nurse educator but also provide them with opportunities to give back to society and their institution of practice…


Over the years nurse educators have gifted the medical field with a lot of services and scholarships which have remained significant to date. For my case a nurse educator I have engaged in several services. Firstly, I volunteered to work at a nursing home/ rehabilitation center. This facility gave me an opportunity to gain experience from both a nursing home and rehabilitation center. Additionally, I was able to apply my expertise and help the medical facility. I engaged with instructors who ensured I fulfilled my expectations at the center. At the end of this activity I had to present my experience to the committee at the facility. I was given an opportunity to practice at the facility as a nurse educator. While at the institution I engaged in some scholarly activities. I had the opportunity to have a deeper learning on the treatment and the diagnosis of congestive heart failure and ventilation pneumonia. I used the experience to write lecture notes for my students and written evidence on the medication of the two diseases. Additionally, I came up with one article touching on congestive heart failure and another addressing the issue on ventilator pneumonia. ...
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